Dr. Osman Hospital-Maadi offers both inpatient and outpatient services that cover a wide range of medical and surgical specialties.

All the departments are staffed with highly experienced medical and support personnel providing accurate, reliable and fast test results needed to deliver quality care in a timely fashion.


The Orthopedic department of Our Hospital is geared up for all the basic and advanced Orthopaedic problems and surgeries. It is backed up by a well equipped and modern Radiology department including CT Scan and MRI.

Sports Injuries:

Sports related injuries is a common occurrence. We have been attending to these on an emergency basis through our Accident & Emergency and Physiotherapy department.

We have been routinely performing Arthroscopy (Key hole surgery) for the knees including menisectomies and ACL reconstructions.

Back pain and Spine problems:

Discectomies and decompressions of the spine for disc related problems is also commonly performed.

Fractures & Trauma:

We have the latest technology for internal fixation of all types of fractures after which plaster fixation may not be necessary.

Fractures of the hip are a common occurrence in the elderly population. Dynamic hip screw fixation and hemi replacement arthroplasty have given very gratifying results at our Hospital.

Joint Replacement & Upper limb surgery:

We are well equipped to tackle all shoulder, hand and joint replacement surgeries.

This is backed up by Physiotherapy department with very experienced staff.