Neurosurgical Department

Dr. Osman Hospital-Maadi offers both inpatient and outpatient services that cover a wide range of medical and surgical specialties.

All the departments are staffed with highly experienced medical and support personnel providing accurate, reliable and fast test results needed to deliver quality care in a timely fashion.

Neurosurgical Department

The department offers the diagnosis and management of all aspects and subspecialties of neurosurgery including:

Early management of congenital anomalies Latest technology in the management of disc diseases employing the anterior approach in the cervical spine, & for lumbar spine by micro-disectomy as well as dissolving the protruded disc substance, without surgery, by injecting the Enzyme Chymo-papaine percutaneously Using the automated percutaneous neoclutome for the first time to remove lumbar disc protrusions without conventional surgery

Computerized stereotactic CT guided system to allow extreme precision brain lesions and tumors near sensitive vital centres, ensuring their treatment with histological verification of the diagnosis

Stereotaxy also allowed psychosurgery, surgery for epilepsy,as well as neurosurgery for Parkinson’s disease and all types of intension tremors .

Radio frequency coagulation for lesion making used in the selective treatment of Trigeminal neuralgia and functional neurosurgery

Stereotactic interstitial brachytherapy for the treatment of malignant brain tumors