Dr. Osman Hospital-Maadi offers both inpatient and outpatient services that cover a wide range of medical and surgical specialties.

All the departments are staffed with highly experienced medical and support personnel providing accurate, reliable and fast test results needed to deliver quality care in a timely fashion.

Microsurgery for Female Infertility


Before Operation:

Pre-anesthetic check up to assess the patients fitness to withstand the stress of anesthesia and surgery.

Conversation with the patient to inform him/her about anesthesia he/she will receive, its possible complications and the way it will be done.

During Operation:

All kinds of general anesthesia and regional anesthesia (epidural, spinal, peripheral neutral blocks) are administered. Immediately after operation, the patient is cared for by anesthetist in recovery room until he/she fully recovers from anesthesia.

Epidural analgesia for women in labour is provided.

After operation:

Anesthetist will provide acute pain treatment.

The Anesthetist has a major role to play in intensive care treatment, especially of surgical patients and those who require mechanical ventilation or other invasive procedures